Your aviation dreams take center stage at Sun City Aviation Academy. Whether pursuing a professional career, building flight hours, or seeking leisurely adventure, they have the perfect path for you. Founded in December 2022 by Luke Poulos, Sun City Aviation Academy embodies a lifelong passion for aviation and teaching. Continue Reading

For more than three decades, ASM Beauty World Academy has been a beacon of excellence in the beauty industry. Its enduring legacy is celebrated by students, graduates, clients, salon owners, and countless beauty professionals who recognize the profound impact this academy has had on South Florida’s beauty landscape.Continue Reading

Unlock your child’s full potential at our exclusive performiing arts private school, where education meets creativity in a vibrant learning environment. Watch your child excel academically and artistically at Broward County’s only performing arts private school. From kindergarten to high school, we prioritize both academic excellence and artistic expression, offering a unique curriculum that cultivates well-rounded individuals.Continue Reading

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A World of Knowledge is dedicated to fostering children’s development through an Accelerated Learning Program that encourages thinking, exploring, and creating for successful independent learning. Recognizing the diversity in children’s learning abilities, the curriculum, established in 2003, integrates the best aspects of traditional, Montessori, and progressive educational methods. Continue Reading

Established in 2000, Music Tech Studios is dedicated to bringing quality music lessons to students in Pembroke Pines. Music Tech offers classes and one-on-one instruction for almost any instrument you could think of, year-roundContinue Reading

Broward College serves the greater Broward County community with a number of educational programs. It offers two-year and four-year degree programs across several fields of study.Continue Reading

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Academy of Arts celebrates its 30th anniversary! This one-of-a-kind studio was founded in 1994, offering a lot of various and exciting classes for three years of age to professional levels. Dance and music provide a creative outlet for both the physical & emotional spirit of children. All the teachers have had a professional career and are highly qualified & certified instructors. They understand your trust in them, and they will provide the best training assuring you that they will meet your highest expectations. Continue Reading

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Camp Woodland is a privately owned summer camp for boys and girls ages 5-16. Woodland first opened its doors at C.B. Smith Park in 1983. Although the size of camp has grown, its original traditions and core values remain the same. Camp Woodland was founded by Susan Siler. Continue Reading