Ishilima offers a simply delightful menu that makes our readers’ taste buds dance for joy. The restaurant features a variety of creations from Executive Chef Wendell. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our chef, along with his amazing team, is proud to introduce Nikkei Sushi & Ceviche concept. Continue Reading


Firebirds Wood Fired Grill – known for its bold flavors, scratch kitchen and inviting atmosphere – specializes in classic American cuisine prepared over an authentic wood-fired grill.Continue Reading

Fiery Irie

You don’t fly 600 miles to enjoy authentic Jamaican food. In fact, you can pick some up right around the corner, or even have it brought to you! Fiery Irie brings all of the wonderful flavors enjoyed on the beaches of that wonderful island to Pembroke Pines.Continue Reading

Fish and chips

If you are looking for a festive place with a great British vibe, there is no better spot in South Florida than The Pub Pembroke Pines. Located at The Shops at Pembroke Gardens, The Pub is a comfortable place to enjoy a pint with your “mates.”Continue Reading

3Natives – Acai & Juicery takes a healthy twist on the “fast food” mindset by serving healthy and convenient food at an affordable price. This healthy lifestyle café is well-known for its fresh and flavorful acai bowls, smoothies, salads, wraps, cold-pressed juices, and more! Continue Reading

In Mediterranean Countries, good friends and family meet to enjoy a variety of traditional small dishes called Mazzas. The chefs at Mazza Mediterranean Cuisine bring you a culinary collection of selected Lebanese and Greek dishes that capture the wonderful Mediterranean region’s vibrant palate with exotic spices and fresh food.Continue Reading

sweet and sour chicken

When it comes to takeout Chinese food, the two most important things are fresh ingredients and great sauces. The chefs and staff at Rainbow Dragon have both of those boxes checked! Continue Reading

stack of pancakes with blueberries on top

One thing is for certain about the people that work at The Mayor’s Cafe: they LOVE Pembroke Pines. It is the revitalization of the old-time neighborhood breakfast cafe and Bagel bar. Continue Reading

ribs on an open fire

There are few things better in the world than freshly smoked, home-made barbecue. That is what Rob’s is all about. The Scruby family has been serving BBQ in South Florida for more than two decades. Continue Reading

Loaded pizza

Coley’s is a throw-back pizza restaurant from a simpler time. They make their pies with all-fresh ingredients daily, resulting in consistent, tasty pizza. The family-owned and operated venue offers classic pizzas, calzones & stromboli. Continue Reading