Best Senior Care

Chen Senior Medical Center is a family-owned primary and specialty care practice committed to delivering superior care for Medicare-eligible seniors. Dr. Jenling James Chen founded the practice. He started the practice after a near-death personal fight with cancer. He and his family experienced what it was like to struggle for healthcare access while fighting for his lifeContinue Reading

Cosmetic Tattoo

The team at Brazilian Touch Aesthetics helps breast cancer survivors feel whole again. They use state-of-the-art technology to create a remarkably accurate nipple for their clients. Their work helps breast cancer survivors feel like themselves again..Continue Reading

Dr. Gosine, M.D.

Dr. Vitra Gosine, M.D.The Center for Integrative & Functional Endocrinology Dr. Gosine specializes in Integrative and Functional Endocrinology and combines advanced medical science, integrative medicine, and intensive holistic lifestyle modification, in the clinical management and treatment of endocrine disorders. As a prominent Physician and Endocrinologist, she is committed to aContinue Reading

Doctor working on woman's back

Chiropractic care is most often associated with neck pain, back pain, and spinal concerns, but chiropractic has developed many applications and can be the key to a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Chie and his staff focus on the alignment of the spine and the optimum function of the central nervous system.  This chiropractic care can help with headaches, neck pain, back pain, pain in the extremities, stiffness, and other ongoing conditions resulting from a variety of causes, including posture, car accidents, heredity, occupation, and more.Continue Reading

Sports ankle and achilles heel injury concept

John D. Goodner, D.P.M. is a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon practicing podiatry in West Broward since 2018. He specializes in treating foot, ankle, and leg injuries in children, teenagers, and adults.Continue Reading

Pharmacist mixes medicine

Pill Box founder, Steve Pressman, founded the first Pill Box Pharmacy in 1985 to offer the ultimate customer service and a wide selection of goods and make his store a fun place to visit. Continue Reading

Olam Med Spa transforms your skin, slows down the aging process, and provides you with treatment options designed to maintain, renew, and promote young, healthy, clean, and youthful skin. They specialize in giving you the very best version of yourself. Continue Reading